Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sound is Art, Call out...

I am eager for a new exciting sounds to populate my growing blog, Sound is Art.

With 500+ subscribers, it is a great place to share your work be heard! I hope
to post recordings of your environment, sound art, home made instruments and
other audio oddities. In particular, I am looking for the unique. There will be
no compensation for these submissions but hopefully some satisfaction in


ARCHIVAL RECORDINGS: Old vinyl snippets and other bits of sound history

FIELD RECORDINGS: Recordings taken from the natural environment with minimal
studio processing.

UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS & GEAR: Recordings from unique electronic and acoustic

PERFORMANCE: Excerpts from live sound art performances.

PROCESS: Sound art compositions with interesting source material and studio

SOUND ODDITIES: Uncategorized interesting sound phenomena.

To contribute please email me these three items:

1. A description, written in your email body, about the process, content and/or
other details regarding the recording.
2. An mp3 sound clip.
3. A high quality jpeg (150 by 150 pixels) that is depictive of your sound(s)
in some way. If you have supplemental photos, you can send those too (but
extra images are not required).

Please email to:

I will do my best to honor all submissions that fit the above criterion. Submit
as many times as you like and please do not fret if I don’t get back to you
right away, I will!


Margaret Noble

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