Thursday, September 1, 2011

Contribution to Notation22?

Composers Submission

continuing global research of innovative music notation

'John Cage's Notation's is a collection of manuscripts/sketches of composers of the time that demonstrated the direction western notation was taking by presenting over 290 works of composer's contemporary works samples. My book, Notations 21 hopes to emulate the spirit of this groundbreaking work and the philosophies of John Cage nearly 40 years later, while also looking at the visual aesthetic of the composer's manuscript and the development of graphic scores.
Please consider participating in this project although the book is now available, by sending your work to be included for further revisions or updates of this anthology. Also, your work may be included in exhibits or installations of graphic scores. Other international contemporary composers participating include Carl Bergstrom-Neilson, Daniel Goode, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Malcolm Goldstein, Herbert Brun, Joan La Barbara, Halim El Dabh, Earle Brown, Barry Guy, Philip Corner, Stuart Saunders Smith, Judith Zaimont, Raven Chacon, David Rosenboom, Leon Schidlowsky, Philip Corner, and over 165+ international contemporary composers are already participating.
I am going to donate a portion of any profits to the Foundation for Contemporary Performing Arts as John Cage did with his book.
Thank you very much.
Theresa Sauer

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